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    Organization of Doctoral and summer schools
    Recent publications
  • H. Ramirez, B. Maschke, F. Couenne, Y. Le Gorrec On the passivity based control of irreversible
    processes : a port-Hamiltonian approach, Automatica, to appear Volume 51, Issue 10, 2015
  • H. Zwart, Y. Le Gorrec and B. Maschke Relating systems properties of the wave and the Schrodinger equation, AIMS, Evolution Equations and Control Theory (EECT) Vol 4, no. 2 (May 2015) : 233-40. doi :10.3934/eect.2015.4.233. Pages :233-240, 2015
  • H. Ramirez, Y. Le Gorrec, A. Macchelli and H. Zwart Exponential stabilization of boundary controlled port-Hamiltonian systems with dynamic feedback, IEEE Transaction on Automatic Control Volume:59 , Issue : 10 , 2849 - 2855, April, 2014